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Manmade DNA

I was horrified to watch the news, revealing the first synthetic cell, completely man-made on a computer, a re-creation of existing life.
This is not the same as cloning, which duplicates the original DNA; this is basically the existing genetic code being replaced. After the new Software has been replaced the cell immediately starts to read the new code and starts making a new set of proteins, which all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges from the software that controls it.

This shows how dynamic cells are and they change from second to second. Life is a result of an information process or software process. Our genetic code is our software and our cells are constantly reading that genetic code. By replacing the software or the code, the new code is read and that cell now is defined by that software, and there you have it! Just replace the code with whatever you want to create, new set of rules; A full functioning Human Being Dancing to its creator's tune or more to the point the creators's dream. Frankenstein the psycho comes to mind if this is used against the good of man.

So now Humans are creating others!
J. Craig Venter is the man behind this new discovery, which in fact is not so new in my opinion. What I would like to know, can they replace your mind?